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Better mobility

with fewer delivery vans

Save time and costs

Our logistics brokers would be happy to discuss ways to make your logistics process more efficient, to reduce your CO2emissions, and to increase your customer satisfaction. In recent years, many companies have used our wide range of logistics solutions to achieve greater efficiency and ultimately use fewer delivery vans during peak hours. This saved them time and costs.

Custom logistics solutions

We offer a wide range of custom solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs, such as improving digitization, adjusting working hours, and reducing the number of visits to business premises and suppliers.

Fewer lorries on the road

Using logistics platforms like Wuunder and Uturn and encouraging collaboration between companies helps to ensure that lorries leave with fuller loads, drive fewer kilometres, and ultimately drive less overall. Try to reduce your own kilometres and go online to discover the trial offers by Wuunder and Uturn.

Fewer construction journeys

Digitization and smart logistics procedures has resulted in fewer journeys and less road time for construction companies and their suppliers. 

More sustainable heavy freight and delivery transport

Switching to alternative fuels and opting for electric goods transport are excellent ways to make your fleet greener. Use grant schemes to help you create a more sustainable delivery fleet or have an EV scan performed. This will help you implement electric vehicles more quickly and match the kilometres driven to the available technology.

More information?

If you would like to learn more about our logistics solutions, contact logistics broker Mark Luikens and make an appointment to discuss your company's logistics processes. Don't hesitate, get started today. Mark would be happy to offer free advice on how your organization can implement more efficient logistics.

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