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CO2 Performance Ladder

for sustainable business operations

CO2 Performance Ladder: a tool for sustainable business operations

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar has set the bar high when it comes to reducing CO2 emitted by regional traffic, with the ultimate goal of reducing overall CO2 emissions. A tool like the CO2 Performance Ladder helps companies reduce their CO2 output and save costs.

Speeding up sustainability

Construction companies that successfully reduce their CO2 emissions can become certified by the CO2 Performance Ladder and use their rank in a tender. Doing so, however, required certification. Project leader Mark Luikens would be happy to explain the ins and outs of becoming certified. Certification can be a great way to become sustainable faster.

Recoup sustainable investments

Companies that invest in sustainable operations can convert their performance into a certificate. If your company been committed to sustainable operations for a while, you may want to apply for CO2 performance certification to recoup your investment. Project leader Mark Luikens would be happy to discuss the application process and the advantages of CO2 performance certification.

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