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Becoming a logistics partner

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Logistics challenges

As a logistics partner, we give transporters, shippers, and companies in the construction and installation sector that are active in South Limburg the opportunity to receive free support with their transport challenges. 

What kind of support do we offer?

Working together with you, we will identify which ambitions will lead to cleaner and more efficient transport as part of an ambition document. We will then help you achieve these ambitions by sharing our knowledge on logistics concepts, sustainable driving measures, and tools such as the CO2 Performance Ladder. Our custom solutions will help you create a realistic business case that fits your corporate goals and culture. Your company can receive a premium of up to €4,000 for demonstrable effects (fewer kilometres, CO2 reduction, rush hour avoidance). The only requirement is to achieve at least one goal from the ambition document.

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Interested in becoming a logistics partner? Contact our logistics broker.

Mark Luikens
Projectleider Logistiek
Françoise van den Broek
Projectleider Duurzame Stadslogistiek
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