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7 December 2019

No matter where your parcels need to go, send them via the green platform Wuunder

With the holidays in sight, it's peak season for parcel delivery companies. Logistics platforms such as Wuunder make it possible to send parcels in a sustainable way. They combine shipments, meaning that lorries and vans are fuller and drive fewer kilometres overall. Naturally, these companies prefer to do this in the most sustainable possible way. For the first and last kilometres of each journey, Wuunder uses means of transport that emit as little CO2 as possible. 

Bart Takkenkamp of Wuunder explains, ‘Our idea is simple: we use smart software to link senders to receivers in the most efficient way possible. We always aim to achieve the best transport match. We don't want more vans causing more congestion in our streets. Instead, we prefer smart and efficient delivery – by district or street.’

Fast, simple, and efficient

Companies of all sizes can use Wuunder’s logistics platform ‘Large clients can link their own warehouse management systems to our software and then select the shipping option that's most efficient for them. The range of carriers to choose from is broad, including companies such as DHL, DPD, and PostNL – and each one is linked to our system. Private individuals can choose from three options: sending their parcel as cheaply, quickly, or efficiently as possible. And all that can be arranged quickly and easily online.’

Bundling and linking

Wuunder creates combinations and offers large shippers the possibility to link their packages. Bart continues: ‘A carrier will then drive to an intermediary storage location where multiple flows of parcels converge. Local couriers or bicycle couriers can then collect several parcels to deliver to a specific district or street. This all aims to reduce the number of vans and stops per address.’

High quality standards

Wuunder’s software was created thanks to a wealth of logistical knowledge. ‘The combination of our optimized ICT platform with our customer service department is the key to our secret. We make sure our clients' workloads are reduced. Our customer service department has high quality standards with regard to the traceability of a shipment. If there's a problem with a shipment, we'll solve it,’ explains Takkenkamp.

Deliveries in Maastricht and all the way to Hawaii

Many organizations have discovered the secret that is Wuunder. ‘We're proud to have regular clients such as the Rijksmuseum and André Rieu asking us to deliver their parcels. We're ready for any challenge. We schedule deliveries that need to go the world over, all from our head office in Weert. We even have a delivery ready that needs to go to Hawaii,’ says Bart, with a big smile on his face.

For more information on Wuunder or to create an account to quickly and easily ship your parcels, please visit www.wearewuunder.com

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