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29 January 2020

If your company is in need of transport, then Quicargo's online matching platform is the answer!

At least 50% of lorries on European roads drive around either empty or not at full capacity. Amsterdam-based tech company Quicargo thinks this should change and so searched for solutions to connect companies and transporters to each other in ingenious ways. The online matching platform they developed is the perfect fix! Within a minute, the platform can link a company that requires transport to the nearby available freight space.

Sustainable transport

Quicargo's Sam Houwen explains: ‘Our goals are to ensure that lorries are full, that there are less lorries on the road, and to reduce CO2 emissions. More efficient transportation helps to achieve smart logistics, which is beneficial for both the company that has something to transport and the company that transports goods.’

Big and professional network

Sam continues: ‘The innovation is in our digital solution. Our platform selects the best transporter through smart algorithms that assess the types of goods, the type of lorry, the degree of cargo space used, traffic, and price. Our online platform offers companies access to a large and professional network of transporters in Europe. This means that over 300 transporters – with over 10,000 lorries in use – are available thanks to our network. Up to 5,000 shippers (companies that need to have goods transported) make use of our services.’

Big in the Benelux

The area between Amsterdam, Antwerp, and the Ruhr region contains the busiest logistical road network in Europe. Sam continues: ‘In this region, our intricate network of transporters has made significant progress by efficiently matching the demand for land-based transport with the transport capacity that exists in this region.’

Arranging transportation in two clicks

Quicargo is also creating a name for itself in South Limburg. ‘Companies in South Limburg that need to transport goods can use our website to get in touch with a large pool of local shippers, which is only growing and growing. Companies can also immediately see the rates and arrange the transport in two clicks.’

Manual entry: a thing of the past

‘For many companies, arranging transport is only an afterthought. Our platform helps you save time and money because our software does the work. We will find the right match for you on our platform in no time. By linking our system to your order system, you can say goodbye to manually entering data.’ Sam cannot stress the point enough: ‘If you are looking for transport, then go for the convenient option and work with Quicargo.’


If you are looking for transport or are a shipper with room to spare in your vehicle fleet, visit Quicargo.com to access our huge network of transporters and shippers near you.

Quicargo and Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar

Quicargo's online matching platform plays an important part in reducing the number of kilometres driven and ensuring the kilometres driven are more environmentally friendly. That is exactly what Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar works to achieve each day.

Mark Luikens
Project leader logistics
Quicargo pallets online matchingplatform
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