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19 November 2019

Compose: the logistics matching platform for companies

The Evofenedex business association and Tilburg University have together developed the online matching platform Compose for shippers. This is where entrepreneurs can find each other when they want to work together in transporting goods. This results in positive effects for organizations as well as a positive impact on the environment. Collaboration leads to fewer journeys, which means less congestion on roads and reduced emissions.

Mutual 'click' is crucial

‘To be able to work together at a strategic level, the shippers must be able to relate to one another. Currently, they are mostly unaware of one another,’ explains Nanne Schriek of Evofenedex. ‘We researched the social side of such collaborations. Having a mutual “click” is crucial to the success of those collaborations. Mutual trust and a common corporate culture are essential.’

Online platform for mutual contact

Collaboration in transport involves more than simply reducing the number of ‘unloaded’ kilometres. Other examples include sharing warehouse space between companies that are subject to different seasonal pressures or temporarily exchanging personnel who have specific knowledge. ‘To make it easier for shippers to find one another, we created the online platform called Compose,' Nanne continues. 'Shippers in the transport sector can find each other here and can search for specific business aspects that match their own company profile.’

Students help establish the collaboration

The research conducted by Tilburg University goes beyond searching for the right partner for shipments. During their graduation project, students can use a number of approaches to help companies set up a concrete collaboration. As Nanne explains, ‘the companies that our students go to all indicate that they learn a lot from the projects and that their knowledge development increases. It often reveals that there are significant opportunities to improve internal coordination.’ 

For more information

If you are interested in tasking one of the available students of the Supply Chain Management degree programme with helping your company from February 2020, then respond quickly as there is a limited number of students available to help you! For more information, please contact project leader Logistics Mark Luikens by sending an e-mail to mark.luikens@zuid-limburg-bereikbaar.nl.

For more information on the logistics platform, visit the project website on www.compose-sc.nl.

For more information on the online platform Compose, watch the following video:

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