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9 October 2018

Rions Riooltechniek about smart logistics

"We now have a digital overview of each hour worked, so we can invoice our customers transparently"

Maastricht Bereikbaar helps companies to find and implement efficient logistics solutions. Making better use of our existing capacity ultimately results in fewer vans and freight vehicles on the road and better accessibility. Together with Maastricht Bereikbaar, Rions Riooltechniek implemented several logistics measures that reduced the number of rush-hour journeys for deliveries and freight by 124 a day.

Cost-effective and improved quality

‘Rions Riooltechniek specializes in cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining the entire sewerage system. They have customers in Dutch Limburg, North Brabant, and Lanaken,’ says logistics broker Mark Luikens. Every day, 60 of the 75 employees travel to and from jobs in one of the 40 vehicles owned by the company. These include lorries, vans, and site agents' vehicles. We analysed the company's logistics movements and showed what benefits can be gained from a smarter use of the vehicle fleet. The efficiency gains achieved had benefited the company in several ways. Digitalization means we're in contact more with employees outside the company and are able to do the same work more quickly with less staff. We've saved costs and carry out more high-quality work more quickly for our customers.’

Setting off before the rush hour

‘Maastricht Bereikbaar gave us the impetus we needed to start working more efficiently,’ says director Remy van Dijk, enthusiastically. ‘By providing insight into our daily processes, we discovered that there was a lot of time involved in travelling to and from a job. Implementing several measures finally enabled us to work more efficiently, like having the maintenance vans leave before the rush hour and equipping all our vans with iPads, so that people can immediately view all work information online.’

No more discussions

Rions’s digital transition was a breath of fresh air for the company. ‘We now have a digital overview of each hour worked, so we can invoice our customers transparently,’ Remy van Dijk explains. ‘There are no more discussions about time now. The work can now be carried out in less time, cutting the amount we invoice to customers. Digitalizing work orders means we can prepare our work better. Our mechanics know exactly what materials they need in advance. A digital version of the work order is ready for our mechanics in the morning. They don't have to drive to the office first to pick up an assignment, and afterwards they submit their work order digitally, which also saves them a trip to the office.’

Working faster and smarter

‘Maastricht Bereikbaar got us to have a critical look at our processes and showed us the efficiency gains we could make. We now know how to work faster and smarter. But we can take even more steps. One of which is to open a branch in Belgium, so we’re closer to the jobs we do there. This also saves a trip to and from Maastricht. Another ambitious future goal is to get even more staff to commute more efficiently and sustainably by cycling to work, for example.’

Mark Luikens
Projectleider Logistiek