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25 September 2018

Frank Kalf about the cargo bike

"When I started my company about a year ago, I decided to use a cargo bike, as it can carry everything I need"

Business owner Franks Kalf of Wyckse Wodka made a conscious choice to use a cargo bike.

A cargo bike with a little extra allure. The cargo bike of Frank Kalf from Kanne definitely has allure. He uses the cargo bike to transport something unique: vodka made using ingredients from Maastricht. ‘Maastricht was already known for its locally produced wines and beers, but no one was making vodka yet,’ says Frank. ‘They weren't even making vodka in Wyck, the trendiest part of the city.’

He cycles through the city in style on his cargo bike. But design alone was not the deciding factor for Frank. ‘I use the cargo bike to transport my product through the city – there is no better way to travel through Maastricht. It's nearly impossible to go to all the addresses by car to deliver my Wyckse Wodka. With the bicycle, I don't have to worry about finding a place to park, I never get caught in traffic, and I can go through all the little streets that wind their way to the heart of the city centre. I use the time that I save by cycling to chat with my clients and present my product with all the pride it deserves.’ 

A conscious choice

Cycling through the city and personally delivering his product to his clients was not only a practical choice for Frank, but a conscious one. ‘When I started my company about a year ago, I already decided to use a cargo bike as it can carry everything I need. It can even carry my mobile bar which was made by a friend who is also a furniture maker. We are often asked to make cocktails at events and parties, and then I can put all the catering I need inside the cargo bike.’  

Cycling = fun

‘I grew up cycling to school in all types of weather. Cycling to Maastricht from Kanne twice a day is nothing compared with that. Cycling is also good for your health, and I enjoy making the trips by bicycle. I only take the car when the weather is bad or when I need to transport larger items. But cycling definitely beats driving!’ 

Visit www.wycksewodka.nl if you'd like to find out more about Frank and his locally produced vodka.