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20 May 2019

DHL on their Cubicycle

"Our parcels are delivered faster by bicycle"

It's often crowded in the city centre's narrow streets, which means that delivering parcels takes a lot of time. Travelling on a specially designed electric cargo bicycle with a removable container measuring one cubic metre, Stefan and two of his colleagues now bring dozens of parcels a day to shops and consumers in and around the centre of Maastricht.

In the morning, Stefan van Bokhoven drives to Maastricht Aachen Airport where his fully charged electric bicycle is waiting for him. Even in the rain, Stefan determinedly sets off for Maastricht. ‘The container holds more than 50 parcels. I deliver a few of these in Meerssen or Ulestraten on my way to Maastricht, after which I continue through to the city centre.’  

I'd rather cycle

DHL in Amsterdam has been using bicycle couriers for many years already. Stefan was one of those couriers who would cycle around Amsterdam with a backpack full of parcels. ‘I loved it! But I moved to Maastricht for love and had to get back to driving the delivery van. But we've now been using bicycles to make deliveries in Maastricht for about three years. First, we used a Parcycle, then a cargo bicycle, and now we have the much larger Cubicycle.’

No exhaust fumes

Every year, the number of parcels delivered by DHL Express in Maastricht and the surrounding area increases. The number of parcels intended for the city centre of Maastricht made it profitable to invest in a good transport bicycle. A DHL employee designed the Cubicycle, which could hold more and larger packages. The bicycle is also in line with DHL's goal of being completely CO2 neutral by 2050, says supervisor Dennis Pluymaekers. ‘We want to reduce the emissions produced by our transport services to zero. When delivering by bicycle, we don't produce any exhaust fumes in the city. Some places are also much easier to reach by bicycle, and our couriers get a lot of exercise too.’ DHL now uses over 40 Cubicycles in the Netherlands and another 40 elsewhere in Europe.  

Time left over 

Stefan delivers faster by bicycle than what he did with a delivery van. He really enjoys using the bicycle in the city centre. ‘People often ask me about the Cubicycle, and I like telling them more about it because it's a really great mode of transport. But then I have to be on my way again, because there are people waiting for their parcels!’

Time for a change in transport?

Does your business often have to be in the city centre to deliver orders? Then try Maastricht Bereikbaar's e-cargo bike for free for two weeks. You might just share Stefan's enthusiasm for deliveries made by bike!