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4 February 2019

Cyril Lambermon about working smarter

"Our materials are delivered at night – we've made huge time savings!"

With its Dutch headquarters in Utrecht, Otis – the well-known American lift and escalator company – is also active all over the world. Dozens of Otis mechanics drive to jobs in Limburg each and every day. Cyril Lambermon, Supply Chain Manager at Otis, talks about his experiences with Maastricht Bereikbaar about smarter working and more efficient planning.

‘Distributing parts to the mechanics was our biggest logistical challenge. Mechanics were making lots of journeys to depots, especially during rush hour, and could only start work once they'd made the trip. Our partner Special Logistic Services (SLS), specialized in night-time distribution, put us in contact with Maastricht Bereikbaar.’

Night-time supplies

‘As a rule, the cars our mechanics drive to customers are left parked after working hours. The solution we came up with together with Maastricht Bereikbaar was to have materials delivered to the delivery van at night. The SLS delivery person places the supplier's materials in the car – via a secure access and registration system, of course – so that the mechanic can start working the next morning.’

Huge time savings

‘As with every change, there was some resistance in the beginning. People were worried about strangers driving their car or about not being able to find their things, but now everyone's happy. We've made huge time savings. Look at companies like Zalando, Bol, and Coolblue: they all promise next-day delivery on orders made before midnight. It really helps our customers, because they get what they need faster. This measure enables us to provide an even better service.’ In terms of figures, the night-time delivery means that there are ten fewer vehicles on the road every day during rush hour. Cyril says this is a first step towards more logistics improvements. ‘We're thinking about having company clothing and tools delivered at night, too.’ 

Exchanging knowledge?

Maastricht Bereikbaar helps companies to find and implement efficient logistics solutions. If you would like to discuss your company's own logistics issues with a logistics broker, please contact mark.luikens@zuid-limburg-bereikbaar.nl.

Mark Luikens
Project leader logistics