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8 October 2019

Catering business owner Lok Man Li on the DeliverEbike

"Cycling on the electric delivery bikes means we can reach every destination in the city centre"

Sushi Centre, located in the centre of Maastricht, consciously chose to make most of its deliveries by bicycle. ‘Cycling ensures that you can reach any destination in the city centre, while only paying for the cost of electricity instead of fuel,’ explains owner Lok Man Li. ‘Four delivery people use a DeliverEbike to get from A to B. Each day, each delivery person travels around 30 kilometres by bicycle. This is very doable with electric delivery bikes because they're fast and reduce the need to peddle.’

Bicycle complete with a company logo and URL

Lok Man Li was inspired to use the DeliverEbike for deliveries during a visit to Amsterdam. ‘You only see delivery people cycling on electric bikes there.’ When he returned to Maastricht, he immediately contacted DeliverEbike to ask about possibilities in Maastricht. ‘To start with, we leased the electric delivery bike for a year to see if it was right for us. We were so impressed that we decided to lease four DeliverEbikes for four years. We chose white-coloured bicycles that had our logo on them, and we had the URL of our website printed onto the frame.’

Inconvenience of Scooters

In addition to the four bicycles, Sushi Centre uses four scooters for deliveries. ‘We only use the scooters for orders that are a bit further away. We deliver within a ten-kilometre radius of Maastricht. They're not convenient for use within the city centre, as they're not allowed in certain streets, whereas bicycles are.’

Maintenance included

‘In the long term, e-bikes are cheaper than our scooters and the car we use for very large orders. We don't spend money on fuel, and the maintenance of the bicycles is included in the lease contract. DeliverEbike guarantees 24-hour service. If something breaks, it will be repaired on the same day or we will be given a replacement bike so we can keep working. We can fix a tyre on our own, but if a spoke breaks or a bicycle’s brakes stop working, it's comforting to know that this will be fixed right away without extra costs.’  

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Lok Man Li ensures sustainable business practices in more ways than one. ‘We switched to using paper bags, have fitted LED lighting in our takeaway restaurant, and ensure that the air conditioning and cooling installations are well maintained. Proper maintenance prolongs the service life of these installations and maintains their energy efficiency. These solutions are both cost-efficient and good for the environment.’