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Approach and method

for smart and sustainable logistics

Custom logistics solutions

Our logistics brokers offer their services for free to help companies optimize their logistics processes, for example by working more efficiently or by optimizing their corporate fleet. We develop sustainable solutions and feasible business cases with long-term, cost-saving effects for transporters and shippers in South Limburg and for companies active in the construction and installation sectors. All of our solutions are fully customized for your company.

Sustainable logistics

Logistics project leader Mark Luikens supports transporters, shippers, and companies in South Limburg that are active in the construction and installation sectors. Organizations and entrepreneurs that supply the city centre of Maastricht, Heerlen, and Sittard-Geleen can contact Françoise van den Broek, project leader for sustainable urban logistics. Both project leaders help companies adopt smarter and more sustainable logistics practices.

Working together

  • to reduce logistics kilometres
  • increasing load capacity through smart planning
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • minimizing the inconvenience caused by traffic congestion
  • limiting staff shortages

Zero-emission urban logistics

Together with thirty to forty other large Dutch cities, Maastricht and Heerlen aim to achieve zero-emission urban logistics by 2025. This naturally has implications for deliveries to the city centre. Project leader Françoise van den Broek introduces companies to the changes that are on the horizon. Together they explore opportunities to better utilize the existing capacity, with the goal of reducing CO2 and traffic congestion, increasing load capacity, and improving accessibility. All of this takes into account the respective organization and organizational model.

CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool used by various governments for sustainable procurement during construction projects, which includes civil and hydraulic engineering. Project leader Mark Luikens will determine whether your company can be certified in accordance with the Performance Ladder. Once certified, your organization may enjoy a considerable advantage during tendering processes, depending on the level you have attained.

Free consultation

  • In a free and no-obligation meeting, we will discuss the savings potential for your organization and the partners you would like to work with.
  • Implementing successful logistics improvements always requires a custom approach and close collaboration between the shipper, the logistics service provider, and the receiver.
  • For large projects, we can arrange an intern for your company.

How does it work?

During the consultation, we will examine your logistics process from an external perspective and focus on the desired benefits for your company (e.g. cost savings and CO2 reduction). We will also look at the security of supply and supply speed, with an eye towards improving customer satisfaction.

Who is it for?

We work with transporters and shippers active in South Limburg, as well as companies in the construction and installation sector. We also help entrepreneurs in the retail, hospitality, and waste-processing sectors in the centre of Maastricht take a smarter and more sustainable approach to city-based logistics in order to achieve a zero-emissions city centre by 2025.

Want to become a logistics partner?

If your company is committed to reducing the number of kilometres driven and thereby reducing CO2 emissions, consider becoming a logistics partner of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar. Logistics advice and project support are free of charge. If you carry out a project that results in at least five ‘avoided rush hours’ per day and/or a 2,500 kg reduction of CO2emissions per year, you will earn a contribution of 4,000 euros to make your logistics processes more sustainable.

In-house expertise

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar collaborates with evofenedex, TLN, ELC-Limburg, SIM, het KennisDC Logistiek, and local, regional, and government bodies. Together, we strengthen the logistics chains in South Limburg.

Start making your logistics more efficient and more sustainable today! Contact one of our logistics project leaders.

Françoise van den Broek
Projectleider Duurzame Stadslogistiek
Mark Luikens
Projectleider Logistiek
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